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Professional Service

Professional service providers are chosen for their expertise. We help professional service businesses find their voices and define their brands by articulating what exactly is different about their experience, personality, process and price. Ultimately, our specialized solutions create streamlined, profitable sales environments.

How we help our professional services clients every day:

  • Build or enhance brands to help establish your business as expert, trustworthy and professional
  • Establish lead generation systems and sales tools that attract prospects and help you close the deal
  • Develop digital and traditional marketing solutions to engage your audiences wherever they are
  • Implement systems to help mitigate administrative costs and manage prospect and client relationships

How we’re involved:

In June of 2015, 6P Marketing merged with Edge Marketing Strategies. This merger has strengthened our presence within the professional services industry, and resulted in the following combined experience:

  • Members of:
    • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
    • Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
    • Canadian Marketing Association
    • Advertising Association of Winnipeg
    • Proud sponsors of the Manitoba Chambers MBiz Breakfast Series, 2014 – present
    • Proud sponsors of CMC Manitoba (2017)
    • Proud sponsors of The Associates & The IDEA Dinner (2017 & 2018)
  • Over the years, we’ve:
    • Presented to entrepreneurs via Entrepreneurship Manitoba on marketing planning
    • Presented to technology leaders via ICTAM (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
    • Presented to signage industry associations in Manitoba and Ontario on websites and marketing (May 2017)
    • Presented to MMPA (2015, 2017)
    • Presented to the Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba (PIDIM) on websites (April 2016)
    • Presented to the World Trade Centre (WTC) on marketing planning (2014)
    • We’ve facilitated a public relations crisis management workshop, exploring how companies can either be killed in the crosshairs, simply survive or come out on top when a crisis hits
    • We’ve presented a workshop at the Economic Development Association of Manitoba’s (EDAM’s) Spring Forum, focused on building effective action plans (2011)
      President Paul Provost is a board member of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

Who we’ve helped

West End Tire
The Standard Insurance
Legacy Bowes Group
Commercial Credit Adjusters
Custom Helicopters
Spirit Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Cunningham Business Interiors
Crosstown Civic Credit Union
Eastside Collission
Oldfield Kirby Esau
Carlyle Printer
Fort Group Logo
Number 10
Pivot Advisory Services
Birkett Freight Solutions
Scatliff Miller Murray
Platinum Books
AD Rutherford Logo
GBL Solutions
GMK Consulting
Grant Design Group
Milnco Insurance
Mcelhoes + Duffy
Manitoba Marketing Network
Rowswell Realty
Community Futures
Pig Trace
Stafford Dental Group
Madison Square OrthoRehab Clinic

Testimonials by our client

Patrick Huberdeau

CEO, Colin’s Mechanical Services

To see how well my online marketing ads were really working, I decided to turn them off. That’s when the phones stopped ringing. I regretted this decision and turned them back on. Thanks, 6P.

Aaron Pauls

CPA, CA, Fort Group CPA

When we went to market to evolve our brand through a new website, we received proposals for $1k, $5k and $10k (which was 6P). We were looking for a provider that would design a look that reflected our firm personality and that felt right to us. It was also critical that our provider could help us maintain (or even exceed) the leads that our past website was generating under our old brand. 6P really helped us understand the differences in providers and what they would bring to the table that the others would not. In the first 6 weeks our new site went live, the leads we’ve been getting have been more than our previous site and one new client alone earned us twice what we spent with 6P. We are extremely satisfied with having invested wisely more than twice what others were going to charge and would do it 100x over.

Barbara Bowes

President, Legacy Bowes Group

6P Marketing has clearly helped us redefine and refocus our business development initiatives. They played a key role in the development and success of our marketing efforts, both on and offline. And continue to help us nurture and grow our brand – we highly recommend them.

Tim Phelan

Number TEN Architectural Group

The team at 6P are always ready, willing and able to help with results-focused solutions to any marketing challenge. They have been a tremendous support with planning and implementing various marketing initiatives that position our firm for continued success in a highly competitive industry.

Greg Kuzminski

GMK Management Consultants

6P Rocks! Professional service, responsiveness to my business needs and most importantly, RESULTS!

Lucy Sohn

Beth-el Dental

The team at 6P was great – we were very satisfied with the website they created for us. The site was beautiful and they are always so quick to respond to any questions or technical problems. More than this, they were sensitive to our budget and truly treated our money as if it were their own.

Why You Need to Migrate to Google Analytics 4 Now
Why You Need to Migrate to Google Analytics 4 Now

Google Analytics 4: It’s time to switch

Universal Analytics has its expiration date. Google has announced that all Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3) standard assets will stop working on July 1, 2023.

Two and a half years ago, Google introduced Google Analytics 4 to address measurement standards and help businesses grow. Analytics 4 allows businesses to see unified user journeys through their sites and apps and use Google's machine learning technology for forecasting and insights. Google Analytics 4 is built so that its users can keep up with the changes.

With Analytics 3 on its way out, there’s never been a more opportune time to migrate — in fact, migrating now is essential.

Why migrate now?

Google Analytics is one of the most critical tools for companies small and large. It helps companies understand user preferences better, which in turn helps them improve their user experience. Without modern measurement solutions, businesses operate without vital insights.

But Google Analytics 4‘s new data model means that historical data collected from Analytics 3 will not be merged and will only be available for a short time afterward. This affects everything from measurement strategies to implementations and configurations to insight visualization dashboards.

In short, last-minute adopters will have to start from scratch. This is why switching to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible is so important. The earlier you migrate to Analytics 4, the more time you have to build up history before Universal Analytics stops processing new website hits next year.

Why else should you make the switch now?

The classic version of Google Analytics is no longer supported or updated
The transition is a matter of time, and brands that arrive first will enjoy a competitive advantage
The measurement shift from sessions to events results in insights focused on "how my online presence is bringing business forward" rather than "what is the user doing on my website"

Moving on from Universal Analytics

Google built Universal Analytics to provide online activity measurements on desktops for quick data viewing, but its measurement methodology is rapidly becoming obsolete. Google Analytics 4 operates on many platforms, does not rely solely on cookies, and uses an event-based data model to provide user-focused measurement.

Google Analytics 4 is pre-designed with privacy measures and gives a better experience to both customers and users. The tool helps businesses keep track of evolving needs and meet user expectations as it provides comprehensive and detailed controls for data collection and use.

Google has said Google Analytics 4 will no longer store IP addresses and that solutions and controls are vital given the importance of maintaining international data privacy today. Users expect control over their data, and this tool provides that.

How will Google Analytics 4 help you?

Google Analytics 4 is designed so companies can achieve their primary goals, helping increase website conversions and customer engagement with the brand. Google Analytics 4 helps you:

 Understand customers by providing a customer life cycle view
Improve ROI with established data and marketing analysis on the customer journey
Measure engagement and conversions while considering tailoring to business needs
Get more value from the data for insights and creating future forecasts
Customize assets to manage the data better

With a superior product already available and the clock ticking on your data, it’s vital we get started right away.

Contact 6P Marketing for a free consultation today — we can get you set up in no time.




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