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How Effective Form Headers Increase Registration Count

Have you ever gone to a website and had a difficult time finding what you’re looking for, so you end up leaving? The same thing can happen with your registration form. The first thing people see when they land on your registration form is the top of the page. So you’ll want to make a great first impression and provide all necessary information for them to complete their registration.

So, what makes a good header? There are many things you can include in your header to make it more informative and appealing. Over the years we have seen a lot of headers, so we know what works, and have compiled some suggestions on things to be aware of when creating your registration form headers.

1. Attention grabbing – Try to incorporate your logo and any graphical elements that keep in line with your website, or conference branding. Your registrants will recognize your brand and be more inclined to complete registration.

2. Opportunity to sell your event – Point out some highlights of your event. Perhaps a well-known speaker is coming, or you’re offering a free off-site event. These are all things that entice your registrants and should be clearly outlined so they don’t miss out.

3. Include basic details – Make sure the header answers the 5 W’s – who, what, when, where & why.

4. Avoid excessive details – Too much information can scare people away, remember, your goal is to have the user register. Try to hit a balance between informative and quick to read. You’ll also want to avoid including so much information that your registration form is pushed below the fold (the part of any web page that is shown in your browser before you need to scroll).

5. Avoid linking away from the form – If you need to include links to outside materials, try to set the link up to ‘open in a new window’. This way, the registrant does not navigate 100% away from your page, but can view any supporting material in new tabs or windows, and is able to switch back to the form when needed.

6. Include a privacy policy – This is very important in the online world as you want to ensure your registrants feel secure when entering their data. If anyone has questions as to the security of their information ensure that is included in the privacy policy.

Source: ePly Online Event Registration – august 5, 2009