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SEO Services

SEO services are only a third of the optimized equation

Because your web visitors get to your site in one of three ways, our approach to website optimization works like this:

For direct traffic improvements (website):

People only bookmark or remember the web address for sites that are important to them. So we design websites that look appealing, and then we work with you to ensure that your content is both relevant and memorable.

For organic traffic improvements (SEO):

To help search engines find your site and rank your content to search relevance high, our website programmers and website designers work together with you to ensure your web address, keywords, meta tags, page titles, links, headlines and articles are all search engine optimized (SEO service).

For referral traffic improvements (paid advertising):

Referral traffic can come from external links: social websites including Facebook marketing and LinkedIn marketing, online sponsorships, P.R. or SEM (search engine marketing) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

We can help you activate your websites with social media and significantly increase your direct and organic website traffic and increase referral traffic as well.

Bonus #1: Activated websites dominate search page results.
Bonus #2: We’ll show you how to use PPC advertising tactically to support special events and online events.

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Sigfusson Northern


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Mining Association of Manitoba

Community & Associations

EDW Case study
EDW – Work in Manitoba Case Study white logo

EDW – Work in Manitoba Case Study

Community & Associations

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MCC Buy Local

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Superior Asphalt

Professional Services

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Handyman Connection


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Red River

Professional Services

6P Marketing St Boniface Case Study | Brand Expression Project | "Global Leaders in Medical Care"
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St. Boniface Hospital

Community & Associations

6P Marketing and West End Tire services trucks
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West End Tire

Professional Services

6P Marketing and Fort Garry Brewing Company | Product Re-Positioning
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Fort Garry


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