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In a perfect world, we would all be great at everything. Play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix or Joni Mitchell? No problem. Sing like Whitney Houston or Robert Plant? Easy ... Read more
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we go about our daily lives, and how we choose to do business. In July & August 2020, we presented on the topic ... Read more
My remote working experiment began three years ago in a 680 sq ft Vancouver condo that I was sharing with my soon-to-be wife., who also worked from home. That March ... Read more
From national leaders to heads of industry to medical officials to the savvier portion of the general population, the message is simple: “Don’t panic.” That’s the prevailing mantra and it’s ... Read more
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity celebrates the very best in marketing and advertising from all over the globe. As we watched winners and runners-up for the highest honours ... Read more
Neat and tidy dishes to the left.
Will your brand pass the 6P brand alignment Test? Integrated brand campaign elements work together and should come together like a premium table setting. To see how well your brand ... Read more
Ready to grow your audience and increase your organic search rankings? Use this checklist to optimize a web page for search engines. Target Keyword: These are words and phrases in ... Read more
6 Essential Tips for SEO
In our digital world, Search Engine Optimization is crucial. Google alone processes more than 3.5 billion queries per day. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to build great content for ... Read more
More Gold Nugget Advice from Tech Marketers in Vegas Earlier this year, we shared our list of six key takeaways from the seminars we attended at CES 2018. As we ... Read more
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Many business owners / leaders feel that their marketing efforts are OK, but they know that they could be better - they just don’t how how. If you’re in the ... Read more
Celebrating brilliance in marketing and communications, the Cannes Lions are the most prestigious awards in the advertising industry ... Read more
scalable solutions
In February of 2018, 6P’s fearless leader, Paul, took some time during a well-earned vacation to join the Western Canadian Trade Delegation in Barcelona for the 2018 Mobile World Congress. ... Read more
gold nugget
Takeaways from 6P Marketing’s trip to CES 2018 in Las Vegas While most of the 180,000 visitors that descended upon this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show were focused on the ... Read more
Return on Investment (ROI) should be top of mind for every business that wants to succeed. But while some marketing initiatives will garner attention in the short term, issues arise ... Read more
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FIRST OF ITS KIND SMARTWATCH WEBSITE DESIGN FOR WINNIPEG SMALL BUSINESSES Smartwatch website design is here and we are beta testing all of our clients' websites to ensure that they ... Read more