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Agri-Business / Food

In Canada’s highly competitive and complex agribusiness and food industry, trust, communication and differentiation are more important now than ever.

With the increasing challenge of growing and raising food sustainably, the ever-changing landscape of modern agriculture practices and consumers’ lack of knowledge and connection to the farm, one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is earning and maintaining the trust of the public. As described by Charlie Arnot, Center for Food Integrity, USA, “Food is deeply and intrinsically important to people. Food is personal; people are willing to fight for it; we need it for survival; we feed it to our most vulnerable; food is part of our culture and celebrations; it connects us.”

Each of our agribusiness and food clients has different needs. Our goal is to help them reap the benefits of strategic, thoughtful communications that increase awareness, engagement and market share.

Our specializations:

  • Develop communications campaigns that are built using sound market-based research and strategic thinking to effectively communicate and engage with audiences in meaningful ways
  • Interview stakeholders using in-depth interviews, group working sessions, focus groups and omnibuses
  • Execute marketing and media plans and advertising campaigns
  • Launch products and programs to both farmers and public
  • Implement HR strategies to engage and retain the strongest talent
  • Develop crisis communications strategies and preparedness protocols for organizations that need to be prepared for public relations crises
  • Guide and support media relations and content development
  • Research and develop brand strategies that define organizations’ brand personalities and attributes, key messages and audience profiles
  • Create brand identities that clearly define an organization’s brand

Who we’ve helped

Verve Seeds
ProteinMB Manitoba's Sustainable Protein Advantage
CABEF Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation
Manitoba Pork
Canadian Federation of Agriculture
O&T Farms
Fort Garry Brewing
Canola Council of Canada
Medallion Milk
Hemp Genetics International
Farm Management Canada
MB Chicken Producers
Canadian Canola Growers Association
Richardson v2
Shur-Gro Farm Sevices
Resto Gare Restaurant
Canadian Pork Council
aop crsc
To-Le-Do Food Service
Thimble Bay Blues
Pork Marketing Canada
United Agri Products
Loveland Products
River West Technologies
Food Development Centre
Fertilizer Canada
Buy Manitoba
MCM Food Panel
Young's Market

Testimonials by our client

Scott Shupeniuk

General Manager, Fort Garry Brewing

We’ve been working with 6P since early 2018, and since that time, the results of our marketing/sales have taken a turn for the better. The branding and marketing we’ve done with them has been some of the best stuff this company has ever done. The 6P team are a big part of the success and they truly act like they are on our team. We are excited about the road ahead.

Kelly Green

Director of Communications, Canadian Canola Growers Association

CCGA provides financial services to over 10,000 Western Canadian farm customers every year. As an administrator of the Advance Payments Program, our initiatives are constantly evolving based on market situations, growing conditions, changes to government policy, and other unpredictable factors affecting Canadian farmers. Through every turn, 6P Marketing’s responsiveness has resulted in timely communications with farmers and clear messages for topics that can often become very complicated. We value them as a trusted marketing partner.

Brett Malkoske

Vice-President, Business Development, G3 Canada

6P’s strategic approach is the reason we’ve chosen them as our marketing partner. The level of customer service involved at every level of their operation is integral to our marketing efforts and makes working with them as enjoyable as it is effective. From the get-go, they’ve truly understood our position in the market and have leveraged our experience in the industry to create great campaigns and marketing materials.

Susan Riese

Manager, PR & Consumer Marketing Programs, Manitoba Pork

We’ve benefited by having a true communications and branding partner in 6P. They are a tight knit team that passionately supports the good work we do, building public trust on behalf of Manitoba’s pork producers. They have invested countless hours to become experts within ag and food trends, and specifically the ins and outs of our sector. I appreciate their openness and collaborative approach, and am proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the last 10 years.

Bao Trinh

Young’s Market

6P Marketing is a 10 out of 10. They did a great job helping us with our website, social media and helping us with our overall marketing efforts.

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