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Technology & Software

Technology and software companies continue to change the way we do business, and live our lives, in unforeseen ways and at a blinding pace. While end user expectations still drive the demand for smaller, easier, faster, cheaper, better + more agile technology choices in every conceivable sector, new global trade standards as well as the latest Canadian and EU privacy legislation underscore the need to conduct business ethically, responsibly and transparently as well.

A common vision leads to uncommon results

At 6P, our in-house team of strategists collaborate with our software and technology clients to position their brands and define the best communication options. Then we lay down strategic communication foundations that enable them to deliver engaging stories quickly and effectively to help them to meet their business goals.

Services (B2B & B2C)

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding + Positioning
  • Creative Services
  • Web Development
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Media Planning + Buying
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion rate optimization

How we’re involved

  • ICTAM members since 2013
  • Proud sponsor of The Innovators gala event since 2015
  • Brand ambassador for ICTAM
  • Rebranded TECNA (Technology Councils of North America)
  • Attendee of CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Las Vegas, USA (2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Attendee of Mobile World Congress, Barcelona Spain (March 2018)
  • “Golden Nugget” Advice from Leading Technology Marketers
  • How scalable is your business?
  • Content Marketing presentation to ICTAM, January 2018
  • Educating your audience presentation to ICTAM, January 2017
  • Brand Strategies for Technology companies presentation to ICTAM, November 2016
  • Marketing Planning presentation to ICTAM, January 2015
  • Who we’ve helped

    Backswath Management
    ICT West
    Cleantech West
    Broadband Communications North
    Protelec Checkmate
    Mission Repair Centre
    Arena VR
    Altac Interactive
    Ibex Payroll
    HEF Petrophysical Consulting
    Learning Si
    Online Reading Tutor
    Dispatch Integration
    Argus Controls
    Vivid House Numbers
    Bio-Static Electronic
    Blue Canvas

    Testimonials by our client

    Kathy Knight

    Former CEO, TechManitoba

    We approached 6P Marketing to provide a much-needed refresh to our website. They were highly collaborative in this process. In reviewing our needs with them, we indicated our desire for a fresh, clean and contemporary look, sleek colour palette and an easily navigated interface. The 6P team delivered not only a design that we were proud of but also one our audience could relate to while ensuring our team could update content, glitch-free. We are delighted with the end result.

    Wadood Ibrahim

    CEO, Protegra

    What makes 6P different than other providers is they truly listened to our needs and were authentic and respectful in their collaborative approach to working with us. Our firm had numerous challenges with other agencies and found 6P respected our input, provided sound advice, and relevant marketing and creative solutions.

    Darryl Stewart

    Head of the Herd, IBEX Payroll

    We love the team at 6P – always attentive and collaborative. Truly had our customers in mind in their planning and execution. Great at balancing online media with traditional media.

    Why You Need to Migrate to Google Analytics 4 Now
    Why You Need to Migrate to Google Analytics 4 Now

    Google Analytics 4: It’s time to switch


    Upcoming Changes to Google Website Rankings
    Upcoming Changes to Google Website Rankings

    In just over a month, Google will be changing the way it ranks websites. While it’s already a delicate balancing act to ensure everything on your website works (more…)

    Spock Is Not Your Customer
    Spock Is Not Your Customer

    More Gold Nugget Advice from Tech Marketers in Vegas (more…)

    How Scalable is Your Business?
    How Scalable is Your Business?

    In February of 2018, 6P’s fearless leader, Paul, took some time during a well-earned vacation to join the Western Canadian Trade Delegation in Barcelona for the 2018 Mobile World Congress. (more…)

    Gold Nugget Advice from Leading Technology Marketers
    Gold Nugget Advice from Leading Technology Marketers

    Takeaways from 6P Marketing’s trip to CES 2018 in Las Vegas


    New smartwatch website design
    New smartwatch website design


    How Effective Form Headers Increase Registration Count
    How Effective Form Headers Increase Registration Count

    Have you ever gone to a website and had a difficult time finding what you're looking for, so you end up leaving? The same thing can happen with your registration form. (more…)

    The 7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing
    The 7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing

    Last Friday I was in Atlanta, where I gave a talk on social media marketing at Dan Kennedy’s InfoSUMMIT conference. (more…)

    Data on Twitter Decline Stacks Up
    Data on Twitter Decline Stacks Up

    Tweeting no more? First, spectacular growth. Then a summertime slowdown.

    And now, in fall 2009, US traffic to is declining.

    The Art of the Paragraph
    The Art of the Paragraph

    Anyone can write a paragraph, but not everyone knows how to write one that other people want to read. (more…)

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