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Our Six Ps

Our six Ps are better than the old four

We’re “6P” Marketing because the four Ps of marketing just don’t cut it in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We’ve added Passion and People and put a new spin on the other four Ps as well. Here’s how the six Ps work together at 6P Marketing:


Passion matters because passion attracts attention and sparks conversations. Passion is caring about your brand, finding relevant brand news and sharing it with the brand’s social community. Communicate passionately with your clients and prospects and you’ll increase the odds that they will take notice of your brand and want to learn more.


The more you know about your customers and your products or services, the better, because at the root of all great advertising is a unique insight regarding the relationship your customers have with your products or services.


Because people buy benefits, not products, we focus on what your customers think of your brand, how they use your products and services, and who or what they see as the logical alternative to what you have to offer.


Place can make or break a new or established brand and can be used to differentiate your brand from the competition. Province, city, neighbourhood, street, store design, in-store product position, display type and product size are just a few of the variables that affect sales. While we’ve used a terrestrial example here, place is equally important online.


Promotion lays out what and where you tell the world about your products or services to encourage more customers to buy more of what you have to offer more often. We like benefit-driven promotions that support a superior value proposition.


Price is an integral piece of a good value equation. In a crowded marketplace, most organizations lower their prices to compete for the available business but a smart pricing strategy ensures that you remain competitive without diminishing your brand’s value.
Remember – “cheaper” isn’t “better.”