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Like running a machine or a business, manufacturer marketing involves many moving parts. We help our clients in the manufacturing industry streamline this process to build awareness, generate sales and grow ROI.

How we help our manufacturing clients every day:

  • Innovate or enhance brands to best communicate what makes your business better than the rest
  • Drill down to the best target audiences, mediums and messaging to ensure your tactics work with maximum impact and efficiency
  • Build websites to showcase your product and services, generate new leads and drive conversion

Who we’ve helped

State Industries
conviron logo thumb
EastSide Group Logo
Legacy Originals
Melet Plastics
Malach Metals
Anatoli Glass
West End Tire
Hemp Production Services
West End Radiators
Polar Furnace
Huron Windows Corporation
Standard Manufacturers
EZ Cut
Washington Cable Systems
Pentagon Shutters

Testimonials by our client

Chad G. Brick

President, Eastside Group of Companies

We’ve been working with 6P Marketing for a few years now, throughout which they’ve developed our marketing plans, improving the consistency and quality of our brand, and rebuilt our websites. We are quite happy with the service, creative ideas, and the results we receive. 6P is truly an important partner for us and continues to help us manage our marketing achieve our goals. One of the biggest differentiators between 6P and the competition is their approach to brand development and how that integrates into all aspects of our marketing. Their process isn’t cookie-cutter, and we are learning more about marketing from them and developing different and more creative ways to express our brand to the public.

Robert-Jean (RJ) Bétournay

General Manager, EZ Cut

In 2015, we approached 6P to help us with our website. We were looking for a modern, professional look – we ended up getting so much more. The 6P team worked with us as a partner. Not only did they update our website, they also gave us the tools required to raise brand awareness by developed an ongoing e-newsletter campaign that captured valuable information and leveraged our prospective and current client data base throughout North America. These tools combined have helped us to target our marketing efforts and transform leads into sales – our shop is positively humming with activity and we couldn’t be more pleased.

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