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Brand Integration Test

Will your brand pass the 6P brand alignment Test?

Integrated brand campaign elements work together and should come together like a premium table setting.

To see how well your brand is doing, take our two-minute brand integration test:

  1. Put ALL of your internal and external* communications on one BIG table
  2. Now, look at all the pieces
  3. If your brand looks like the image on the right but is supposed to look like the one on the left, call us and we’ll help you sort things out:
Neat and tidy dishes to the left. Messy dishes to the right.

Insight #1

Most clients believe their “brand identity portfolio” looks like the picture on the left. Few actually do.

Insight #2

While some people are attracted to messy stores, very few are attracted to messy brand identification.

Insight #3

  • Stores like William Ashley and Value Village both do well because of careful brand positioning. Both stores’ locations, fascia, windows, and shelves are consistent with their core consumer’s expectations
  • People brag about finding used name brand items at Value Village for an “amazing price”
  • People brag about finding new name brand items at high end stores for an “amazing price”
  • The concept of “brand equity” is alive and well. Think of the IPOs for Google and Facebook

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* “Everything” means EVERYTHING: all internal and customer-facing communications including: phone answering scripts, business cards, letterhead, invoice design, email signatures, brochures, sales support, intranet, social, e-marketing templates, direct mail, outdoor promotional and directional signs, displays, and so forth.