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Our History

6P Marketing is a collaborative marketing agency that helps you create more passionate consumers and brand connections for better short and long term business results.

We are 6P because it takes more than the old four Ps of marketing – Product, Place, Promotion and Price – to get ahead in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It takes two more P’s – People and Passion – to really succeed.
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Our big idea was launched in a small Winnipeg office in 2007: To help small businesses that couldn’t afford a full-time marketing department to develop and promote their brands effectively, professionally and ethically. Along the way, we’ve grown to become Manitoba’s Small and Medium-Sized Business Experts, offering strong brand leadership and comprehensive campaigns, as well as practical, scalable solutions for communications challenges.

In June of 2015, 6P Marketing merged with Edge Marketing Strategies to provide clients with more breadth and depth in the marketing and communications solutions and services they require to meet their goals. As complementary collaborative firms with shared values and individual areas of specialized expertise, this merger has strengthened and rounded out our service offerings in the areas of brand management, design, content marketing, websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising.