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July or August Marketing Planning Webinar

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Successful organizations are ones that ” plan the work – and work the plan.” Organizations aiming to grow their business through strategic marketing planning can gain invaluable insights at our upcoming online seminar. Learn how a well-crafted marketing plan can help you, your team, and your company thrive in today’s competitive market.

Zoom webinar hosted by
Paul Provost & Farimehr Hakemzadeh

Two dates to choose from
Tuesday, July 30th (1 PM)
and Thursday, August 29th (10 AM)

Come and learn how to:

  • Establish clear marketing goals and define the tactics you’ll need to achieve them.
  • Improve overall marketing effectiveness and ROI.
  • Make more efficient use of your time and communication resources.
  • Build brand awareness in an ever-changing business terrain.
  • Use a schedule to share your vision and ensure everyone is on time and on strategy.

Reduce stress and turnover among staff members and your suppliers.

This seminar is designed for business leaders and marketing professionals who want to enhance their strategic planning skills and drive their organization’s success.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts, reduce team stress, or empower your staff with the right knowledge, this seminar offers practical insights and tools to achieve your goals.

Interested in attending?

Send an email to specifying which date (July 30 or August 29)
you’d like to attend to secure your spot, or fill out the form below.

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