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What You Can Learn From Molson

Molson’s Olympic campaign is the best integrated ad campaign I’ve seen in 30 years. Here’s why:

Molson, one of Canada’s largest advertisers, has been fighting for share of heart, market and mouth with boutique beers and wines using a variety of lifestyle association strategies for as long as I can remember. The ‘lifestyle insights’ change over time (tactics) but associating beer with a good time (strategy) has not.

When I worked on Molson (20 years ago) I could buy 10-40 TV ratings per show and blanket a market quickly and efficiently.

That was then.

Today, TV is still used for the prestige and marquee value it has, as well as its ability to “stir the social pot quickly!”

Molson HAS NOT abandoned traditional media. The brand is however a progressive and wise student of advertising that has also embraced online media and social networking in concert to:

1. Increase reach and frequency.

2. Engage their audience – to think about and drink Molson.

3. Monitor social behaviour – allowing them to track and define consumer relevant message opportunities and better understand which associations will defend share and sales the best.

4. Keep conversations going.

Note how Molson obliquely, directly and FREQUENTLY asks for your business. These folks aren’t shy :

:: BIG news . . . we wanted to make sure you got it FIRST.

:: . . . getting back to the brand’s core truth: Molson Canadian is a gift from this country’s abundant natural resources.

:: New ad debuting at the 2010 Winter Games, entitled “Made From Canada”.

:: Please consider the following (sneak preview) link a world premiere!

:: We hope you will love the ad . . .

:: Please feel free to share it with your friends and family before the 12th to make sure they see it first.

:: We’d also love it if you could visit us on our Facebook page to share a comment about the new ad on our wall.

:: Join us in raising a Molson Canadian to celebrate the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games and cheer on our Canadian Olympians. It’s going to be a very special moment for our country and for our beer.

:: Thanks for being an INSIDER

The greatest coup for Molson is that the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies both leveraged the “I am Canadian” idea first developed by Molson creative director Bill Durnam ten years ago.

I tip my hat to the agency team and clients that worked together to make this integrated campaign happen.

Such endeavours are carefully planned and implemented by a team of marketers. It shows why a clear vision, smart strategies and practical tactics rule and ‘cheap & cheerful’ will consistently take and “own the back seat” and never the podium.

If you’re interesting in implementing an Integrated Marketing Campaign of your own, 6P Marketing’s team of brand strategists, designers, writers, web specialists and social networking gurus can help.

By Frank Wehrmann
Brand Developer
6P Marketing

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