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Emergent & Traditional Marketing

Depending on how traditional or emergent your product or service is, your marketing mix will need to be to the left or the right of centre.

When executed properly, Emergent Marketing helps your clients come to you more willingly and enthusiastically. It’s a way of inviting clients – who are in the buying cycle or funnel – to the table to discuss their needs rather than chasing prospects who aren’t ready to talk to you, don’t know what they want, or just don’t want to talk to you. You can no longer put yourself out in the marketplace and count on clients to find you. Giving them interesting news, information and stories about how you can help them enjoy their life more is essential.

Today’s consumers have exponentially more information dissemination options than a generation ago. Giving them in depth information about why they may want to consider your products and services helps. These can be stories about your fabulous service, the latest news on what’s hot in the market or free offers. And it helps to engage customers with Passion.Why? Because you can’t bore people into buying your products or services.

This is a simplified illustration of how traditional marketing has transitioned into emergent marketing in the last few years to focus on ramping up customer loyalty and specific brand demand.

Emergent Marketing is:

  1. Customer focused: What the client wants and is looking for is what you deliver, where you are and what you’re providing
  2. Integrated Website: Professional, easy to use, up-to-date and integrated with all aspects of your marketing (including a database)
  3. Consistent Communications: Centering around the principle of keeping your network of clients and prospects up-to-date with valued information, your service offering and latest news through email marketing, blogs, social media and more.
  4. Engaging: Valuable information (news, stories, offers, etc) is provided at no cost to engage your audience in what you offer
  5. Traditional advertising: TV, radio, billboards, direct mail and other traditional media are used to support the overall campaign.

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