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Maximize your website's lead generation with full-service online marketing

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Our process:

We typically review competitive brand postures, your brand’s positioning options, and your marketing objectives in order to set clear, measurable goals.

Leverage proven tactics:

We employ all of the 6 ‘Ps’ in order to clearly define your strengths, determine how they fit into the greater market, and leverage them through effective creative and web design, efficient strategy, and precise online marketing.

Creating the map that leads to growth:

We carefully create a tactical marketing activity calendar in order to help you execute your plan on time and on budget.

Empower your team through structured guidance

Learn how an up-to-date marketing plan can help keep your team on track, with a clear, unified vision of the end goal.

Develop consistent messaging and sing it like a song

6P can help you prepare a dynamic “elevator pitch” to keep you on-message and on-brand when opportunity knocks.

Make available technology work for you

With advancements in CRM systems, you can manage the implementation of your marketing plan in real time, transforming business tools like your website into a 24/7 sales force.

Call 6P Marketing today at 204-474-1654 for a free consultation. Let’s work together to turn your business growth dreams into a very attainable reality.