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Website Build and Marketing Support

The Challenge:

With several audiences to reach, 6P Marketing was tasked with rebuilding the O&T Farm’s website, keeping segmentation and the customer journey top-of-mind and offering visitors the ability to self-select to source the needed information quickly without getting lost on the site trying to find it.

The 6P Solution:

6P created a website with a modern look and feel while being easily navigable and relevant to all visitors (e.g., producers, food scientists, and food marketing specialists). Beyond implementing intuitive functions to help reach a wide range of audiences and enable them to self-select, this website was also build with an educational component that communicates the benefits of omega-3s for humans and animals, as well as the process by which O&T products enrich foods.

This website is a tool that positions O&T Farms as leading experts in omega-3 food products and as trailblazers for pioneering a new category of food and food additives. This was accomplished via the addition of information pages pertaining to livestock health and other research topics.

Another enhancement involves microsites directed at specific audiences. For example, a chicken producer can arrive on the site, select their category from the menu, and find tailored news and other pertinent information about poultry production.

The Outcome:

Beyond the new and improved website, 6P helps O&T implement targeted marketing tactics based on a strategic plan we developed, and KPIs are tracked via an online dashboard. Tracked metrics include online marketing click-through rates, website SEO ranking, e-marketing open and click-through rates, social engagement, phone inquiries, and trade-show traffic, (with tactic effectiveness evolving accordingly).

It’s a long road ahead; however, the goal of penetrating new markets and increasing annual revenue is tracking as per stated objectives.

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