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Making A Difference

ICYA Newflash

I get a lot of emails and correspondence and admittedly, I get to read only a fraction of them.  Some of it is spam, some poorly thought out self-promotion and others are written / provided in a sincere and meaningful manner.

One such correspondence I received very recently was from a group that we proudly support – Inner City Youth Alive.  The cover article by Kent Dueck, Executive Director at ICYA, was particularly impacting and re-confirmed the purpose and drive that they have for their community and for helping others. It took me into a dark place that I have never experienced and I wish others didn’t have to either. It made me want to reach out and help. This well written piece reminded me that ICYA is out there helping those that need help now and that ICYA also needs help to help more of those who need their help.

Perhaps most importantly, it tells me how they are doing their best to make a critical difference in the lives of the kids they shelter – and in the lives of the Volunteers.

In the grand scheme of things, I can’t think of a better place in the world to be trying to make a difference.

Such an impactful piece of communications (newsletter) is very hard to achieve but when done in a manner that is thought through, sincere and based on the mission of the organization, one can truly affect people and rally them to your cause (or increase their awareness / interest in you).

PS: On a related note, in the most recent newsletter you will find an article from our very own Brent Smith who has been volunteering there for the better part of a year.

Paul Provost
6P Marketing