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Brand Expression

The Challenge:

While St. Boniface is a long-standing hospital with a great reputation in Winnipeg, their existing brand was not resonating with their staff and left some patients confused. We set out to inspire and impact their employees positively, manage patient expectations about the care they’d receive (transitioning from general to specialized), and increase financial support for the hospital. Our main challenge was the sensitivity of timing: employees would need to see real internal change before the brand launch to maintain their vigour about the new brand expression.

The 6P Solution:

We created a 4-phase brand strategy that would reposition St. Boniface Hospital, portraying the levels of compassion and emotion that their employees exuded and executed every day. We introduced more imagery to their brand assets that illustrated compassion, care, competence, and confidence.

The Outcome:

With careful consideration every step of the way, we executed each phase of the brand strategy, consulting with a number of stakeholders to ensure that we maintained the core of the brand. Here’s what Martine Bouchard – CEO of St. Boniface Hospital – had to say:

“Making a major shift in a 150-year old, iconic brand, during a volatile and demanding time for healthcare – is a challenging endeavour. With accountability to multiple levels of leadership, public stakeholders, and 4,000+ employees that hold the brand dear to their hearts, 6P Marketing had their work cut out for them. Step by step, 6P led us through a disciplined and rational process that ensured all key parties were heard, that past brand goodwill was maintained, and ultimately delivered an inspirational brand strategy and creative execution that feels very much like who we are and what we aspire to become.”

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Marketing Plan

6P Marketing St Boniface Case Study | Brand Expression Project | "Global Leaders in Medical Care"
St. Boniface Hospital white logo

Long-standing hospital in Winnipeg

Brand Expression

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Elevate brand exposure in the marketplace

Media Planning and Marketing Support

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Local Market / Investor Saturation

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Several Audiences to Reach

Website Build and Marketing Support

Number TEN Brand/Website Alignment- 6P Marketing Case Study
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Fully Integrated Practice

Brand/Website Alignment

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Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) Communications and Awareness Campaign - 6P Marketing Case Study
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Advance Payments Program

Communications and Awareness Campaign

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