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Communications and Awareness Campaign

Canadian Canola Growers Association logo

The Challenge:

The Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) is driven to help farmers succeed. One element of this programming is the Advance Payments Program (APP), which provides cash advances to producers in 45 commodity markets. This program grants farmers access to funds for necessary expenses and enables them to maintain control over their commodity marketing. CCGA’s goal was to raise awareness of the APP among more digitally savvy producers and to position CCGA as a cash advance administrator of choice.

CCGA online marketing materials designed by 6P Marketing included e-newsletters, pay per click ads, and social media ads

The 6P Solution:

To stand out in the saturated ag media landscape, 6P developed a high-impact creative campaign that spoke to farmers’ critical needs. Display advertisements and sponsored content broadcasted the message to audiences of Canada’s top-performing ag media sources via e-newsletters and website advertising. E-blasts, pay-per-click advertising (Google AdWords), and social media advertising completed the online awareness campaign, while high-frequency radio and print advertisements reached offline audiences across Western Canada.

CCGA print advertisements created by 6P Marketing to reach offline audiences across Western Canada
CCGA marketing materials designed by 6P Marketing

The Outcome:

Over the initial six weeks, this campaign garnered over 10 million producer impressions. Traffic to the CCGA website increased 400 percent, with traffic from mobile devices up 1,200 percent (smartphones) and 1,900 percent (tablets). The Advance Payment Program pages, which were infrequently visited before the promotion, accounted for seven of the 10 most frequently visited pages during and after the promotion. This campaign resulted in an 82 percent increase in farmers securing loans for the first time compared to the same period the previous year. Twice as many young farmers (a primary target audience) secured loans, and the average advance amount increased by 14 percent overall (an ROI sales objective). This trend of heightened engagement continues, resulting in an even brighter future for the CCGA, commodity producers, and the Canadian economy.

CCGA marketing materials designed by 6P Marketing
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Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) Communications and Awareness Campaign - 6P Marketing Case Study
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Communications and Awareness Campaign

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