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6P Offers Trusted Marketing Consultants that Support IRAP Clients

Entrepreneurs can access advice from Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) thanks to a strategic program run by CMC-Canada and NRC-IRAP.

Your team has been working at full steam and everyone is proud. Your business has developed a great product. Your company is among Canada’s most innovative businesses. Now it’s time to sell.

Where to start? Where can you access reliable marketing consultants with expertise in commercialization and marketing that won’t charge your company an arm and a leg?

Canada’s federal government has identified this need for expert advice and created the Management Advisory Service (MAS) program. Through this program, eligible small and medium-sized technology enterprises can access up to 40 hours of business management advice from business consultants with the CMC designation. Only CMCs who (1) meet the program criteria, (2) have completed the training course, and (3) have the specific expertise a particular business needs to get to the next level are part of this selected group of advisors. The program is administered by CMC-Canada and funded by the National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

Companies only pay a minimum, nominal fee — the full cost of the business consultants’ service is covered by NRC-IRAP.

Why 6P Marketing?

The marketing field is full of business consultants claiming they have the practice, means, and strategy to overcome your business’s commercialization challenges.

With so many marketing consultants available, how can a business leader separate the good from the bad? This task alone can be overwhelming and daunting.

The MAS program run by CMC-Canada ensures that only CMCs provide clients with advice. A CMC is obliged by law to comply with strict standards of competence, objectivity, and ethical practice (established and enforced in Manitoba by authority of The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba Act; CCSM c. C47). The CMC is the business consulting profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in nearly 50 countries.

The Strategy team at 6P Marketing has a group of business consultants with 75 years of combined business experience in a variety of industries and qualifications that include master’s degrees, MBAs, international work experience, and professional certifications including the CMC designation required to be part of the MAS program.

Technology Commercialization and Advice that Matters

Each eligible company that becomes an IRAP client is assigned an Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA). The ITA acts as a trusted advisor and mentor. Together as a team, the client and ITA identify a project where the business can grow with expert advice. Then they select a list of three CMC candidates who could act as a business advisor. With that, the client sets up interviews with each of these candidates to choose the right management consultant they want to work with.

When they don’t have three business advisor candidates, they request help from CMC-Canada to find CMCs across the country with expertise that is aligned with the project needs.

Through this process, companies supported by NRC-IRAP have access to qualified CMCs to help them deal effectively with management issues that could limit their success. The program helps the company’s management define issues, set priorities, and establish action plans.

When you access the team of business advisors at 6P to discuss your project, you access specialized knowledge in marketing and extensive experience conducting projects for IRAP companies. You’ll notice that we listen carefully — because each project is so unique.

We collaborate with clients. We are mindful of details and service quality. We have a genuine interest in learning about each new business we get to work with, we take pride in the finished product we put in front of you, and we care about your overall impression of the experience.

Are you a technology company and need reliable business advice in marketing and commercialization? From goal definitions to market research to go-to-market plans, get direction with guidance from 6P Marketing. Contact us for a free consultation.

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