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Modern Multi-Media Campaign

The Challenge:

As part of the provincial government’s Critical Minerals Strategy, the Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI) approached our team for help putting together a new branded initiative and multi-platform campaign. The goal? To update mining’s image to the present day and promote the opportunity minerals and metals represent for the province. With strategy and branding work done, the team’s next task was to design, write, and develop, creating a modern web presence to inform the public on a critically important industry.

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The 6P Solution:

Minerals are essential to our way of life, and the 6P team wanted to convey this and bring each mineral to life in a fresh way. To this end we developed an online influencer-themed concept that showed each mineral as a human model, organizing a photoshoot for a subset of seven minerals to be featured on the website and in the advertising campaign. Profiles were created for all 29 minerals and metals including unique personality traits and a sampling of their uses in everyday life.

The website’s homepage focused on interactivity to entice and engage users, especially above the fold. Headshots for each mineral and metal revealed their profile with a hover of the cursor, with the seven featured influencers smiling, dancing, and posing in an attractive looping video just above. A cyan and magenta colour palette created a sleek look that appeals to younger audiences. Homepage copy highlighted mining’s potential for Manitoba careers, the green economy, and funding essential services like health care and education. Going deeper into the website, we dispelled mining myths, answered frequently asked questions, wrote blog posts, and created dedicated pages on economic impact and sustainability. Advanced analytics recorded which content users interacted with most, informing decisions on additional blog posts, FAQs, and more.

Billboard of the MAMI campaign
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The Outcome:

Uncover Prosperity launched to the public in January 2024 after months of development and a single-page test launch to industry members in November 2023. MAMI has been highly complementary of the 6P team, describing its work as “modern, fresh, and evidence-based” and offering comments that “Manitoba isn’t used to seeing websites as nice as this.” Thanks to 6P’s strategy and execution, the Uncover Prosperity MB website is offering the public a new perspective on modern mining, Manitoba’s industry, and the minerals and metals that make our way of life possible.


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