Marketing Services Coordinator

Zach came to 6P Marketing from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business, where he majored in marketing. Originally accepted into the U of M’s Fine Arts program, he made the switch out of a desire to combine his creativity with new skills from the world of business. In his role as 6P’s Marketing Services Coordinator, Zach supports the account team with project management for a variety of clients while bringing his trademark positive energy to every task.

A lover of the outdoors, one of Zach’s favourite memories is sleeping in a hammock 10 feet up in the trees while hiking by the ocean in BC. He’s also a huge movie fan, particularly enjoying slow-paced films and international cinema from directors like Russia’s Andrei Tarkovsky and Hong Kong’s Wong Kar-wai. Among friends and family, Zach is sometimes known for his love of shoes — he owns a whopping 45 pairs, keeping him ready for almost any occasion.