Director of Client Strategy

As Director of Client Strategy, Robert brings more than 15 years of industry experience to overseeing strategies for 6P’s largest clients, including G3 Canada, Manitoba Pork, Genstar, and many more. Robert started at 6P in June 2015 when his own agency, Edge Marketing, merged with 6P. Robert is also our resident agri-business leader, acting as the National Director of the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association, as well as the President of the Manitoba Chapter.
Robert graduated from Red River College’s Advertising Art program in 1999, though his business aspirations began much earlier, starting his own business at 12 years old. That initiative is alive today in Robert’s drive to work with clients on their long-term visions to help them effectively reach their objectives and business goals. When he’s not expounding wisdom about the best practices for building your agri-business brand, you might be able to find Robert camping somewhere in the mountains, but good luck getting ahold of him — he prefers the areas without cell reception.