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Email Marketing & CRM

Email Marketing

Home to All of Your Email Planning and Email Marketing Needs

For those who want to gain and keep their audiences’ (clients’, prospects’, friends’, and stakeholders’) attention and interest, email marketing is a very effective support option.

6P develops insightful communications for small businesses that understand and want the benefit of regular customer engagement but are just too busy running their business to do so (consistently) on their own. We can handle all facets of your online, email or social marketing programs. Or we can support specific one-off graphic design, campaign development, delivery or tracking needs.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is a combination of policies, processes, and procedures that organize customer interactions and track customer information consistently over time. The overall goal of a CRM system is to identify the value of prospective, new and existing customers and create a relationship matrix that reflects the cost, the return and the value of each relationship in your customer database.

All CRM plans start with a database of your contacts (customers, prospects, others) that allows you to organize information (contact info, records, files, calls, emails, etc.) While customer relationship management can be implemented using Outlook and Excel, professional contact management software is required to explore the full benefits of a CRM strategy.

Our primary CRM platform is Salesforce and we are an approved Salesforce partner. While we can provide custom built CRM solutions, we have yet to come across a need with which Salesforce cannot deal.

Because we have seen many CRM initiatives fail because the CRM implementation was limited to a “software installation,” we provide support and training that ensures your employees can learn to take full advantage of the CRM system.

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