Founder & President

Paul founded 6P Marketing in late 2007 after spending 10 years in various roles, starting in sales before realizing that an agency was where he needed to be. Paul went knocking on agency doors and ended up at a floundering ad agency, where he quickly gained traction and ended up running the show within four years — a time he refers to as his “boot camp days.” With a desire to assist larger clients, Paul joined McKim in 2007 before realizing that he could help small and medium businesses succeed, spawning the idea for 6P.

Paul wanted to work with computers when he was young, having been the only kid on the block with a home computer, and that led to a marketing agency that now not only helps technology clients, but those in agriculture, manufacturing, construction and real estate, community development, and professional services as well. When he’s not coming up with inventive ways to help businesses become successful competitors in their various sectors, Paul spends his time playing and coaching hockey, examining the human psyche via poker, cycling, and spending time with his wife and two sons.