Marketing Services Manager

Luisa’s extensive advertising and marketing industry experience help her take client projects from ideas to reality, while keep them on track and providing a daily point of contact for clients. She came to 6P in August 2018 after spending 11 years in advertising, working on worldwide campaigns for large clients such as Coca Cola and Nestle, earning Cannes Lions and Effie awards along the way.

Luisa came to Canada from Bogota, Colombia in 2017, eyeing Winnipeg as one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada and a potential technological hub of the future. Luisa loves that nothing about her career is set in stone and that she gets to constantly learn and evolve as an advertising and marketing professional. And don’t let her calm demeanor fool you — she regularly rocks out to the likes of the Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, and Def Leppard.