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Helping Manitoba SMEs and not-for-profits rebuild after COVID-19
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Our 7th P is

A founding principle of 6P is giving back to the community that has been so good to us since our start back in 2007.

We understand that COVID-19 has hit our community hard, and while the various levels of government are helping those in need, it can be hard to come back from such a hit.

As a marketing agency, we know just how difficult it can be to create, build, and strengthen a brand over time, which can be especially difficult for non-profit and not-for-profit organizations and SMEs, as marketing funds can be scarce at the best of times.

If an organization forgoes current marketing, however, it may be jeopardizing future revenues. We empathize with those business leaders who are seeing losses during this time, and we feel a sense of duty in helping those organizations who find themselves in very troubling times.

With COVID-19 having such an impact on businesses, the 6P Marketing team is taking action to help. Our 6P team (33 as of April 2020) is selecting a variety of causes impacted by COVID and offering a set of services to help each out. Organizations will be a combination of those we know can use the help or those that apply/submit their information (see form below). Each organization will receive at least $1,000 (or more *) in free marketing services to that organization. We are encouraging you to apply on behalf of your company/organization or on behalf of one you believe needs help.

Applications are now open (see below). Our team will evaluate and select the organization, business, or cause. We will contact the chosen organizations shortly thereafter to discuss their marketing needs.

* As there may be challenges in providing in-kind marketing services to select organizations, and at the discretion of 6P, we may choose to make a financial contribution in lieu of providing in-kind marketing services.

Our causes

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Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

WSO offers a large array of music programs for a wide array of audiences in our community including various symphonies, new music festival as well as a number of student education and community engagement programs.

Our contribution: For 2020, 6P is renewing its two (2) season tickets for the 2020/2021 season and contributing $1500 in in-kind marketing planning services to the organization.

Why we’re helping: Paul chose this organization for 2 reasons: First, many causes are negatively impacted by the postponement or cancellation of events and this can be a big source of revenue / funding for the organization and secondly, music in ones life is often under-appreciated and so we want to make sure that the great music WSO shares with our community continues.


Paul Provost
6P employee since November 2007

Buhler Gallery

The Buhler Gallery is a public art gallery that showcases the work of professional artists in curated exhibitions at St. Boniface Hospital. The Buhler Gallery has seen over 40,000 visitors since it opened in 2007, being the first gallery ever experienced by 40% of those visitors.

Our contribution: 6P will be donating $6000 in website development to the organization.

Why we’re helping: We chose this organization because we understand the way in which art has the ability to impact people and the bearing it has on overall wellness. The gallery is a great benefit to recovering patients and family, we want to make sure that benefit is able to continue, long beyond the impacts of COVID-19.


6P Marketing

Royal Winnipeg Ballet

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) has been around since 1939. Canada’s premier ballet company has been enticing audiences with their talented performers for years through a variety of unique shows. The arts are an important part of Winnipeg’s thriving culture, and the RWB supports both aspiring professionals, and dancers of all skills and ages.

Our contribution: 6P is contributing a total of $2000.00 in marketing services and will be working with RWB to develop a content strategy in order to help support them.

Why we’re helping: The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is a world-class organization that puts on many events throughout the year and brings joy to many Winnipeggers. Unfortunately, they have had to cancel all of their performances due to COVID-19, which is a major source of revenue for the company. 6P is committed to helping them the best way we can, to ensure our community can still enjoy the performing arts.


6P Marketing

U.N. Luggage

U.N. Luggage is a locally owned business that operates in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, offering everything you may need while you travel – and that includes locally. From high-quality luggage, to backpacks, laptop cases and writing instruments, U.N. Luggage has knowledgeable staff ready to help you find your new favourite travel piece.

Our contribution: To support U.N. Luggage through the travel restrictions of COVID-19, we’re providing $2000 in marketing services in the form of an online marketing audit.

Why we’re helping: The retail industry as a whole has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, and the travel industry has been brought to a halt, causing U.N. Luggage to feel the strain of the pandemic. We want to help get the rest of Winnipeg talking about U.N. Luggage beyond their name, and raving about their unique, high-quality product range.


6P Marketing

Canadian First-Aid Training Company

The Canadian First-Aid Training Company (CFAT) is a local company that offers a full range of basic to advanced health-related training, including First Aid, CPR & AED, and specialized Intervention courses. They also sell AEDs, first aid supplies, and offer first aid services at various events. The President, Christian Clavelle, found a passion for the industry and for helping others through training & education.

Our contribution: We are providing CFAT with an online marketing PPC (pay-per-click) audit that’s valued at $2500. Our audit is aimed at increasing visibility and effectiveness of CFAT’s online ads.

Why we’re helping: The Canadian First-Aid Training Company offers a vital service to businesses and individuals, but has been significantly impacted by the pandemic due to the nature of the business (in-person classes). With CFAT’s ability to pivot to an online/in-person split, these classes are now more accessible in our current environment. CFAT’S President Christian Clavelle is exceptionally passionate about the work that he does, and has a very touching and heartfelt story.


6P Marketing